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Guidelines Publications

  1. The CROES will communicate on the progress and outcomes of their projects via:
    1. Manuscripts prepared under the responsibility of the Steering committee.
    2. Abstracts submitted to (inter)national meetings under the responsibility of the Steering committee.
    3. PowerPoint presentations prepared under the auspice of the Steering committee
    4. Webpage of the CROES under the auspice of the CROES council
  2. The first paper prepared from each project should be a descriptive one authored by all the members of the Steering Committee.
  3. Each following manuscript will be authored by up to 7 co-authors selected from all the contributors. The first three authors will be selected based on their contribution to the preparation of the manuscript and significance of input in the data collection. The senior author is the chairman of the steering committee of the project.
  4. At the end of every manuscript all other contributors will by included in an appendix. One contributor from each center can be included and the name of contributor is to the discretion of the participating center.
  5. The supporter of each project will be acknowledged at the end of the manuscript.
  6. Each abstract submitted to an (inter)national meeting will follow the same sequence for authorship but the presenting author may differ from the first author and is indentified as such on the abstract.
  7. Suggestions for analysis and a subsequent manuscript preparation will be put forward by the Steering committee of the project. The topics for analysis will be disclosed on the CROES website. Six months after closing the study all contributors may propose to the Steering Committee topics for analysis. Upon receiving approval by the committee this proposal can be further worked out. The contributor will be responsible for preparing the manuscript in due time.
  8. CROES publications will be highlighted on the CROES website with a link to J Endourology.
  9. A complete slide set will be made available on the website. Contributors have access to this via a login code.
  10. Contributors may present abstracts at national meetings after approval by the Steering committee and in agreement with the guidelines for CROES communications.
  11. In case of a disagreement regarding issues related to these guidelines the CROES council would take the final decision. In the rare case in which a further appeal is made, then the issue will be placed before the executive council of the Endourological Society
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