Data Management System

CROES Data Management System

The data of CROES clinical studies is collected with the help of a web based data management system. To be able to enter data into this system, you need to have a username and a password, and access to the study of interest.

Attention: the CROES DMS system needs the latest versions of web browsers. The system has been tested for most popular browsers as for example Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome.

Please carefully read the CROES DMS help file before starting to use the system. The document is a PDF file, so you can save or print it for your own records.

If you have a username and password


By using the system you confirm that you are authorized to use the system, and that you agree that your activity (including IP-address) is logged. Furthermore, you confirm that you agree to receive emails related to the data management.

If you do not have a username and password, and you would like to participate in one of the current studies, please contact the CROES


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