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Biography Petrisor Geavlete


Professor of Urology, MD, PhD (graduated “magna cum laude”), first degree Romanian specialist in Urology, Chief of clinical department, Saint John Emergency Clinical Hospital, Bucharest, Romania.
Full Member of: Romanian Association of Urology (ARU), Romanian Society of Nephrology (RSN), European Association of Urology (EAU), Société Internationale d’Urologie (SIU) – Romanian representative (Deputy Delegate)
Correspondent Membership of the American Association of Urology (AUA), British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS); Membre étranger de l’Association Française d’Urologie (AFU) and member of L’Union Médicale Balcanique.
Vice-President of the Romanian Association of Urology and President of the Romanian Society of Andrology.
Starting with 2004: elected in the EAU Offices (Video Committee member).
Starting with 2004: nominated as one of the Faculties of the European School of Urology - ESU.
Starting with 2002: one of the Romanian PhD leading (formership).
Author or coauthor in over 700 papers published in journals, national and international congresses or meetings, abstract books (European Urology, European Urology Today, EAU Urosource, BJU International, Progrès en Urologie, Urology, En direct de l’AFU, European Urology Video Journal,Journal of Endourology, Urology Journal, Revista Română de Urologie, Acta Urologica Belgica, British Royal Journal of Dermatology, Archives of the Balkan Medical Union, Morphol. Embriol., Revista Română de Nephrologie, Sexual Medicine, Acta Endocrinologica, Chirurgia, etc.). Over 200 videos presented (first author or co-author) – 9 published in European Urology Video Journal.
Author or co-author of 15 books.
Chairman in international Congresses or Meetings: the EAU Congresses (Geneva – 2001; Birmingham - 2002, Madrid – 2003, Istanbul – 2005 and Paris – 2006, Berlin – 2007, Milan – 2008, Stockholm – 2009); SIU Congresses (Stockholm – 2002, Cape Town – 2006, Paris – 2007), Video-Urology World Congresses (Cairo – 2002, Bussan – 2004, Bucharest - 2006); Congress of the Mediterranean Urological Association (Marrakech – 2001), Meeting of the European Society of Urological Imaging (ESUI), (Trieste – 2003); Congrès Français d’Urologie (Paris – 2001); EAU Winter Escape Meeting (Tenerife - 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006), Central European Meeting (Bucharest – 2004, Budapest – 2005, Prague – 2006, Zagreb – 2007, Warsaw – 2008); World Congresses on Endourology & SWL (Mumbai - 2004, Amsterdam – 2005, Cleveland – 2006, Cancun – 2007), AUA (Orlando – 2008). 
Speaker (Faculty) in international Congresses or Meetings: EAU Congress, ESUI meeting (Istanbul – 2005, Stockholm – 2009), Word Congresses of Endourology (Genoa - 2002, Montreal - 2003, Mumbai – 2004, Amsterdam – 2005, Shanghai – 2008), World Congress of Controversies in Urology (CURy 2009), EAU Winter Escape Meeting (Tenerife – 2004, 2005, 2006), The 7th Congress of the Mediterranean Medical Entente (Oradea – 2004), Video-Urology World Congresses (Athens – 2005, Bucharest – 2006, Singapore – 2007), Central European meeting (Zagreb – 2007, Warsaw – 2008), SIU Congresses (Paris – 2007, Santiago de Chile – 2008), ESU meetings Bucharest (2007 and 2008), Asian Congress of Urology (New Delhi – 2008).
9 national and international distinctions.
Granted with “Health high Order” (“Commander” grade) offered by Romanian President in 2004.
Main areas of interest:
Ureteroscopy (semirigid and flexible = more than 5,500 procedures): lithiasis, tumors, abnormalities, UPJ stenosis, ureteral stenosis, iatrogenic lesions, etc.
Percutaneous approaches (more than 2,000 procedures), including all types of flexible
Superficial bladder tumors (more than 1,100 cases under BCG intravesical treatment in 25 years), diagnosis with Hexvix (more than 100 patients in the last year)
Lasers in Urology (especially for upper urinary tract stenosis, tumors, stones, pyelocaliceal diverticula, BPH, urethral strictures, etc.)
Metallic stents in urinary tract stenosis (urethra, prostate, ureter) 


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