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Biography Dean G. Assimos 

Dean G. Assimos received his BS degree from Purdue University in 1974 and his MD degree from the Loyola Stritch School of Medicine in 1977.

He completed a 6 year residency in urology at Northwestern University in 1983. He was a fellow in renal reconstructive surgery and stone disease at Wake Forest University the following year and then was an American Urological Association research scholar from 1984-1986.

He is now professor, Vice Chair of the Department of Urology at Wake Forest as well as the residency director. He has served on the AUA written board examination committee as a task force member and a senior consultant.

He has actively been involved in the establishment of practice guidelines in urology and has been Vice Chair for two nephrolithiasis guidelines panels.

He is on the editorial board of the Med Reviews in Urology and the Journal of Endourology, and contributes to the urologic survey section of the Journal of Urology. He is an NIH funded physician scientist whose research has focused on endogenous oxalate synthesis of and the role of dietary oxalate in kidney stone formation.

His clinical practice is concentrated on the surgical management of patients with complex calculous disease, ureteral reconstruction, and metabolic stone evaluation and treatment.